Smart Cosmetics has philosophy to offer a wide range of organic cosmetics mostly composed of natural ingredients. The world of cosmetics offers a sea of possibilities, through which we have chosen a single stream. In our products you will not find ingredients like dangerous chemicals. According to multiple studies, there is nothing more beneficial for our skin than Natural ingredients. Our organic products not only help to get cosmetic effects on the skin, but they also repair the skin from inside. Our philosophy is not only to make you look good, but it is also to help you to get rid from major skin problems. In Smart Cosmetics’ Myrrhacle® products, you will always find detailed description next to each item to find out the composition of the product. Our customer commitment is to offer a genuine natural cosmetics at the best market price. Our catalog offers lines of organic cosmetics, cosmetics based on natural minerals and salts and unique cosmetic preservatives.
With an intense period of research, evaluation and testing, we are ready to launch a line of differentiated organic cosmetics, using only pure essential oils and natural components that offer therapeutic effects.We continue researching new varieties of herbs, which will result in new essential oils and cosmetic products to be produced.Our products are developed carefully within the principles of sustainability, because we appreciate and respect nature.Our philosophy is to balance, well-being and health integrated with nature through the use of our herbs.

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