Welcome to Smart Cosmetics

Smart Cosmetics is a company specializing in innovative organic body care products. The cosmetic products are Organic and cleverly combined with natural essential oils including Frankincense and Myrrh to create a highly effective range of products up to 100% pure.

Our products are developed carefully within the principles of sustainability, because we appreciate and respect nature. Our philosophy is to balance, well-being and health integrated with nature through cultivation of our herbs. The Smart Cosmetics is one of the few companies that use certified organic ingredients in the world.  Our Myrrhacle organic products are food for the skin and its ingredients are perfect for all skin types. It is even suitable for the most sensitive skins that are prone to acne, eczema and psoriasis.

With a wide range of natural products (Soap bars, Myrrhacle Toner, Myrrhacle Serum, Myrrhacle21, Myrrahacle Acne, Myrrhacle Breast, Myrrhacle Eye) it is one of the most important organic cosmetic brands in the US. Join a new organic lifestyle by entering the world of Smart Cosmetics and free your body from chemicals with our nutritious and natural products. Take care of your skin naturally with our certified organic products designed especially for you.

Smart Cosmetics Giving Beauty with Health
Our organic cosmetic products are formulated and made exclusively from natural ingredients. Smart Cosmetics products are produced under the principles of sustainability and they are environment friendly. Our products contain natural ingredients with pure essential oils and natural extracts which have regenerative properties. They also have properties like antioxidants, antiseptics, moisturizing, and better affinity with the skin. These organic cosmetics take care of your skin without harming its natural beauty and nature. There are zero synthetic components in their formulation like petroleum derivatives, formaldehyde, sulfates, fragrances and
artificial colors etc. The synthetic cosmetics have these ingredients which are potentially harmful to health and they contribute to pollution and environmental degradation. Most of the artificially synthesized cosmetic products can cause allergies, itching and can develop serious diseases like cancer. You may be using
more than 100 chemical substances harmful to health a day! So kick out all the harmful products. Smart Cosmetics provides a range of organic products for skin care that allows you to completely adopt a natural holistic care, which is perfect for all skin types.