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Benefits of Organic and Natural Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics (or makeup) are used by millions of women every day, all over the world. While many women feel that this is a necessity, many are also concerned about the harmful chemicals they are exposed to when wearing cosmetics. There have been many recent studies that indicate that some of the ingredients in cosmetics can expose the wearer to a host of health concerns, such as Alzheimer’s disease and even some cancers.

These studies have spurred much conversation about organic and natural cosmetics. These alternatives, such as Myrrh and Frankincense, are becoming more and more popular and the health benefits associated with these natural wonders are causing even more stir. Here are just some of the benefits received by using all natural and organic cosmetics:

• Cosmetics made from conventional ingredients have a negative impact on the environment, therefore organic and natural cosmetics are earth friendly. Since the conventional products contain many chemicals, these chemicals contribute to air and water pollution.
• Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. Imagine putting heavy chemicals, artificial colors, and more on your skin and absorbing that into your system every day. Regular cosmetics cause skin irritation, breakouts, and toxicity to your body, where natural cosmetics are made from nature’s plants and are more gentle and safe for your skin and body.
• Many conventional cosmetics contain artificial fragrances, which are used to cover up the chemical smells. Natural and organic beauty products use natural fragrances, such as Frankincense to provide not only a pleasing smell, but provide aromatherapy benefits as well.
• Conventional cosmetics typically contain parabens, which are used to extend the shelf life, however these chemicals have been shown to interfere and affect hormones, causing a host of health issues. Organic and natural products only contain natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, which provide additional health benefits to your body – not harm it!
• Since natural and organic beauty products are less damaging to your skin, they often provide better results, especially over the long term. No need to continually use more and more (like you typically do with conventional cosmetics), as your skin will remain healthy, needing less makeup.
• Many of the natural and organic cosmetics available have excellent health benefits as well, including protection from premature aging and providing nutrient rich properties.

Bottom line is, if you use cosmetics, you must use organic and natural products for the reasons listed above. You will experience a more beautiful, radiant glow, while reaping the many health benefits these products afford. Experience true beauty today!


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